Y C Law College

About Library

A well equipped library is considered to be backbone of any educational institution. We have a well maintained library with more than 16737 books including reference books and journals recommended the university and Indian Bar council. We have Halsbury’s Laws of England which is considered to be series of Law Encyclopedia. We also have various law reporters from every branch of law.  Library is computerized and has All India Reporter(1950- up to date), Supreme Court cases, High Court Cases (1991- up to date),Criminal law Journals (1991- up to date), Law Commission reports (1 to 176), Advocate’s Library (with bare acts) installed in the computer. Out of said number,1767 books are purchased for students from scheduled caste and scheduled tribes. In the library along with text books, newspapers, periodicals, magazines, national and international journals such as Stanford Law Review, Cambridge Law Journal, American Journal of International Law are available for students and research scholars. The students are allowed to have access to the software and the databases of law available in the library. (They can obtain the photocopies of case laws, question paper,syllabi, reference books etc. availing the reprographic facility provided in the library). In  support of the library system computers are loaded with library software which gives quicker accessions of the books. For reference and other works, high speed broadband internet is provided. Library software is updated and it helps the students to check the list of the books with title, author and publication. A regular and bonafide student of the college can avail the facility of the reading room,where he/she can borrow periodicals/reference books or text books etc. depositing his/her valid Reading Room Card.

Issuing and Return of Reading materials

  1. Issuing of books will only be on the deposit of the borrower’s valid card. According to the rules prescribed college, Rs. 2/-will be the late fee per day for failure of return of reading material on due date.
  2. The students have to apply for the identity card, Borrower’s card and Reading Room Card within on month from admission. If they do not apply within one month they will be fined.
  3. If students borrow books for 7 days on Borrower’s Card, non return on 8th day will be subject to late fee.
  4. If a student wants reference books or periodical or reporters, they will be issued on Reading Room Card there are not meant for home reading.
  5. While borrowing books, students must ensure that it is in good condition and no page of it is torn or missing. Also at the time of return, the books should be returned in good condition.
  6. If the books are lost, the student should replace the copy of the book or pay three times the original price of the books.

Reading room facility and discipline

  1. Library is open to every student of the college. The admission to other readers besides regular students is subject to permission of the principal.
  2. While using reading room facility, identity card is a must for every student.
  3. Disturbances of any kind, crowd and indiscipline or misbehavior in the reading room, at library counter or in the corridors will not be tolerated and will be punished severely.
  4. Ex student can use reading room with prior permission of the principal.

Refund of Library deposit

The amount of deposit of the book home-lending or borrowing scheme is refundable as per the following rules as condition precedent.

  1. The students who avail the book lending facility must deposit prescribed amount while taking admission as library deposit which is refundable as per the university rules.
  2. A bona fide student of the college is entitled to claim the refund of the deposit after he/she ceases to be a student.
  3. Original library deposit receipt along with prescribed form should be submitted.
  4. After refund of library deposit, identity card and library card will be cancelled.
  5. If the claim of refund is not made in one year the deposit will stand forfeited,
  6. At the time of claim of the refund the student is required to return all reading materials borrowed from the library in good condition.