Y C Law College

Karmaveer Bharao Patil Earn and Learn Scheme

For helping the needy and poor Students, Savitribai Phule Pune University had started this scheme which aimed to help a studious student. The student is also inculcated with work culture, discipline and self respect such scheme.
The college has successfully implementing this scheme for many years. Initially the notice is displayed to calling for the applications from the needy students. Through the scrutiny and interview conducted the Principal and SWO the students are selected who is economically backward, studious and having minimum computer knowledge.
This year total four students had applied for the work under this scheme. Out of them two students are gents and two student are lady students.
These students were given various jobs in college office and library for minimum two hours per day. Each student is paid Rs. 30 per hour (as per new guidelines of University). Attendance and Work of the student is supervised the office superintendent and librarian.

Vidyarthini Vyaktimatva Vikas Yojana

The college had organized a one day workshop on the subject namely “पुरुषभान ( True equality between sexes) “under the  this scheme in collaboration with NGO “Lokayat” on 06/01/2017 at 10.00 a.m.  The workshop was inaugurated at the august hands of the Principal. The program was initiated with the talk of Ms. Alka Joshi( Coordinator, Lokayat), who had explained the inequalities in the developmental phases of children as per its sex.  This result into  inequalities of behavioral pattern in latter stages of life of men and women, which further result in suffering of women in general. In the second phase of workshop, the resource person has shown three short films which typically depicted the influence of the patriarchal pattern of the society which influences the children of tender age. This stereotyping is latter ingrained into the psyches of the society which curbs the liberty and each tries to play stereotype role as per the gender in adult phases.
The resource person took typical situations in the day to day life and asked the participants the type of behavior they would reflect. This helped the participants to understand the unequal pattern of behavior. Lastly it was explained that the expectation as per the role should be reversed to understand true meaning of life and feminist perspective. The workshop was then marked with vibrant session of question and answers.  The principal felicitated the resource person and gave valuable suggestions as which would curb the atrocities committed against the women in society. The programme consisted of lectures, film show and open discussion on the issue which is related to the problems faced, lady students. At the end feedback was taken. Study material and refreshments were given to the lady students. The workshop was attended students, faculty and Principal. The open discussion helped the students to receive due sensitization.

Special Guidance Scheme

The college has identified the needs of the students who are from rural and underprivileged class of the society. The institution namely Akhil Bharatiya Maratha Shikshan Parishad which had established the college has the motto ‘बहुजन हिताय बहुजन सुखाय ‘. In short the college makes a special effort to run special short courses for the subjects which proves to be difficult for the first year students of the BA LLB (5 years) and LLB (3 years) in collaboration with student welfare office.
These courses help the student to understand better and improve the confidence level of study. It also helps them in difficulties which they have not understood.
The college had displayed notice for the first year students in the first semester of the academic year and those students who apply for the same are admitted for this special short courses. The course is conducted free of cost. The timetable for the same is displayed in advance. In the current year the discourse focused on Law of crimes, Labour Laws, Law of Contract and accountancy