Y C Law College

Placement Cell

Every body is aware that the profession of law is rapidly growing. The students look for the proper placement in the profession, immediately after completing their graduation. There is ample scope for the students to decide as to whether to enter as junior practitioner or to join the judiciary. The students have also option to join the corporate sector, way of legal assistant or legal adviser etc.

To fulfill the aspirations of the young law graduates, the college management has opened its own Placement cell in the college.

The Placement cell facilitates the recruitment process of the students. This process begins about six months before the completion of the LL.B. course.

It is the experience of the cell that majority of the students opt for juniorship in the legal profession, approaching the senior advocates and the practicing ex- students of the college. The students are encouraged to undergo practical training with the senior advocates. The cell helps the students approach the senior advocates practicing at various courts.

For placement in judiciary and in corporate sector, students are motivated and helped for submitting applications or explaining them the requirement of the particular corporate field or preparing them giving special coaching for exams , if required.

The students are required to register themselves with the Cell to avail themselves of this support service