Y C Law College

Research And Publications

The College endeavours to achieve the goals of advancement and dissemination of knowledge of law and legal process in the context of national development. In view of these basic expectations, we are determined towards excellence in the field of legal education and research. In furtherance of this goal the College publishes a research journal titled Spiritus Lege. This journal is striving to have a legal research footprint in India and abroad. The journal is an International Refereed Double Blind Journal published annually. The first issue of the journal has been published in December 2019. The journal has research articles on law and social sciences including political science, sociology, economics and English.  The journal invites articles, research papers or reviews unsolicited from academicians, research scholars and law fraternity. It aims to enhance the knowledge of law and social sciences like Economics, Sociology and Political Science. It is meant to achieve the main object of giving opportunities to academicians, research scholars and law fraternity to express their views and ideas. This journal is also a good read for the students of the College enabling them to lay their hands on latest socio-legal issues and also facilitate them to bridge gap between the syllabus and practice. The journal also trying to infuse the research aptitude in students which will help them in law practice as every case which they will handle needs a separate research. The law fraternity has research as its academic and practical foundation where this journal is working as forerunner of it.