Y C Law College

Certificate Courses

Although teaching-learning in the college is carried on as per the prescribed curriculum, at times it may not be sufficient to equip students with the nuances of the subjects and to inculcate ethical values in them so as to make them ready for the practical legal world. Yashwantrao Chavan Law College has always strived to fill up this gap by introducing diplomas and certificate courses on different subjects.

The object of introducing these courses is to ensure that the students who are surrounded by theoretical knowledge during their degree course should also be able to get the practical knowledge. Besides this, the focus is also to impart value education in the students e.g., gender sensitisation.


These diploma/certificate courses consist of 2 Credits (a minimum of 30 teaching hours). Participants are assessed on the basis of assignments, presentations and the final examination. Following are the diploma and certificate courses run by the college

  1. Certificate Course on Advocacy and Drafting Skills
  2. Diploma in Cyber Laws (in collaboration with Asian School of Cyber Laws)
  3. Certificate Course on Gender Equity- Law and Literacy
  4. Certificate Course in Taxation Laws (in collaboration with Maharashtra Tax Law Practitioners’ Association, Pune)
  5. Certificate Course of English Communication Skills

1.Online Certificate Course on Advocacy and Drafting Skills

This certificate course focuses on imparting not only the theoretical but also the practical aspects of advocacy and drafting skills. The course is designed in such a manner so as to make the students well versed in important aspects of advocacy and drafting skills. The contents of this certificate course include the study of key principles of Civil and Criminal Law, Law of Contract, appreciation of evidence and arguments before the courts, registration process, drafting skills, counseling skills etc.

The faculty for the course included experienced advocates, judges and legal professionals. They brought with them a wealth of practical experience and knowledge, which they shared with the participants in their lectures.

2. Diploma in Cyber Laws

Yashwantrao Chavan Law College, Pune and Asia School of Cyber Laws, Pune offers the Diploma in Cyber Law since 2019. Till date there are three successful batches of the course. This diploma has received good response from the students of the college and outside candidates. The course includes covers the areas of Fundamentals of Cyber Law, E-commerce, Intellectual Property Issues and Cyber Space, and Cyber Crime Law in India. The course empowers the students with cyber literacy, significant inputs for cyber law practice, and most importantly getting ready for applying precautions to avoid falling pray cybercrimes. The course is running its forth batch presently.

3. Certificate Course on Gender Equity- Law and Literacy

This course is organized under the ‘Equal Opportunity Centre’ and ‘Internal Complaints Committee’ of our college. This course is designed to achieve the objectives and learning goals such as- to make students aware about gender issues; to understand the policy and environmental, socio-cultural and economic topics in developing gender perspective and to encourage the students to concentrate on issues explored in class, group discussions and prepare them for individual reading and research  related to gender issues in our society.

4. Certificate Course in Taxation Laws

Yashwantrao Chavan Law College, Pune and Maharashtra Tax Practitioners’ Association, Pune is offering the Certificate Course in Taxation Laws from 2022. The Course is designed to give students both theoretical and practical exposure of taxation laws especially income tax, GST, and related provisions of business laws concerned to taxation. The course outcome is creating noble citizens with their orientation to pay and let others be aware of their tax liabilities and thereby contributing in the nation building. The collaboration is meant to have tax literate society.

5. Certificate course in English Communication Skills

The college has been running English Communication Skills since 2010. Considering the need of mastering the communication skills in English in the profession of law, the students of law need to be groomed to match the standard of professional practice. This course is aimed to train law students in communication skills. Particularly the focus would be on the speaking skills and to some extent on writing skills.

6. Introduction to Legal Knowledge

The college started this course in 2019. This course is meant for the students of first year BALLB as they do not have any law subject from the first year. Since they take admission to the undergraduate five year course of law, they are generally expected to have some knowledge of law. Therefore this is an introductory course for these students to make them familiar with law.