Y C Law College

From Principal's Desk

The world has immensely transformed from 1991 due to Liberalization, Privatization, Globalization; so is the legal education. Human activities, indeed become multifarious which give rise to a number of new enactments to meet the need of progressive society. Legal education will provide you necessary opportunity to occupy key position in the society.

The expansion of legal education among number of branches of law is amazing. It will contines to be so in the future too. The necessity of legal education will not be confined to the corridors of courts, tribunals, forums only. On the other hand legal learning would provide you the finest career opportunities in the corporate houses, co-operative institutions, legal self Governments and even in legislature, among others. It is absolutely necessary for you to get yourself thoroughly acquainted with the law subjects which you learn in the college. You have to exert making sincere and maximum efforts to acquire requisite talent in law. During the course of your learning, you should participate in curricular and so-curricular activities sponsored college and other organizations. You must achieve the proficiency in writing and speaking languages such as English including Marathi, our mother tongue.

In a nutshell your whole-hearted devotion to the legal learning is a great blessing to you to be a great citizen of India, the world’s largest democracy.