Y C Law College

Hon. Mr. Sharad Pawar

Dear Students,

I congratulate you for choosing one of the ever growing, ever challenging legal profession by taking admission in our Yashwantrao Chavan Law College.

Friends, I would like to remind you that legal profession is not restricted to elite or affluent sections of society. Youths from lower or middle strata of society also aspire to take up law as a profession. Your role as legal fraternity will strengthen the democratic policy and the principles of rule of law in our country.

In spite of our independence achieved 75 years ago, the goals of justice-social, economic and political and of liberty and equality have not yet been fully attained. In a democratic country like ours, the role of this noble profession has always been very significant. It is the watchdog of democracy and ever vigilant in the matters concerning rule of law as guaranteed by the Constitution of India.

I therefore call upon you to serve our country as you have a special role in our Society. You are part of such a profession which is ordained to perform at the crisis time of the life of other people and almost daily, to make moral judgements of sensitivity.

I am sure you will become an important hand at the wheels of our economy and of course as the custodian of the flaming world of individual and professional liberty as well as of the public order.

I, therefore, once again wish you all the best for your future career in Law.

Thanking you.

Sharad Pawar

President, A.B.M.S. Parishad