Y C Law College

The Curriculum of LLM Programme 

 Introduction to Legal Theory  Paper 1
 Constitution Law of India.  Paper 2
 Legal Research Methodology   Paper 3
Introduction to International Law  Paper 4 Cluster I
Principles of Corporate Law  Paper 4 Cluster II
 Practical Research Methodology  Paper 5
 Comparative Constitutional Law  Paper 6
 Law Making in Indian Polity & Statutory Interpretation  Paper 7
 International Institution Paper 8 Cluster I
 Law of Contract General Principles  Paper 8 Cluster II
Law and Social Transformation in India Compulsory  Paper 9
 Law, Science and Technology Compulsory  Paper 10
Private International Law Paper 11 Cluster I
Consumer Law  Paper 11 Cluster II
 Introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution (Optional Paper to be chosen by the student)  Paper 1 Optional
Introduction to Human Rights Paper 2 Optional
Law of Insurance Paper 3 Optional
Law and Medicine Paper 4 Optional
Criminology and Penology Paper 5 Optional
Mass Media Laws Paper 6 Optional
Administrative Law Paper 7 Optional
Criminal Law Paper 8 Optional
Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights Paper 9 Optional
Legal Theory and Feminist Jurisprudence II Paper 10 Optional
Corporate Finance Paper 11 Optional
International Economic Law  Paper 13 Cluster I
 Banking and Negotiable instrument  Paper 13 Cluster II
Seminar Paper (Compulsory)  Paper 15
Dissertation (Compulsory ) Paper 16