Y C Law College


1) Every student of the college shall abide rules and regulations of the College.

2) Students must observe complete discipline in the College premises. They must not loiter in the garden, the passages  and corridors after the classes have begun. They must read quietly in the library and spend their spare time in such a way as not to cause any interference with the work of others. Any one who will commit a breach of this rule will be severely dealt with.

3) Students must be punctual and must be in their seats before the commencement of lectures.

4) No Society or association of the students without the previous permission of the Principal will be allowed to function in the campus.

5) No person shall be invited to address or entertain the students of the college or any society or association formed them in the college without the previous permission of the Principal.

6) Any debate or items of entertainment can be held with permission of Principal.

7) All the departments of the College (Gymkhana, Library etc.) will work according to rules made in that behalf from time to time the Principal.

8) Mobiles be switched off. Violation of this rule will result in confiscation of the mobile and a fine of Rs. 1000/-.

9) Identity Card: Every student of the College must have an Identity Card. He should always wear it when he is in the campus of the college and should produce it whenever called upon to do so the relevant authorities. At the time of University examination, every candidate should have his/her identity card along with the admit card for examination. The student who is not having Identity Card then he will be fined with Rs. 50 for every such occurrence.

10) The student should wear uniform on Monday, Thursday, Functions and examination.

11) Bonafide Certificate: Students are requested to note that any application regarding issuing of bonafide certificate, passing certificates, Railways and S. T. Concession forms, Scholarships Advances, Migration, T. C. etc. must be submitted at least seven days in advance. This will enable the office to prepare and keep it ready for delivery.

12) The college has also established both the Internal Complaint Committee dealing with cases of sexual harassment of women at workplace.

13) The college has also set up the Grievance Redressal Committee to address the general problems of the students regarding academic, co-curricular activities  and extra curricular matters in the college premises.

14) Anti ragging Help: The college has established an anti-ragging cell which  addressees the incidents of ragging as per the rules laid down the UGC, Savitribai Phule Pune University and the State government.
The college has displayed the notice of the anti-ragging committee with whom the complaints can be lodged. Prompt and stringent action is taken for any incident of the same.